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What We Do For Startups

Not just another accelerator


Acceleration Process

The process from joining the accelerator to the ICO

Deep Due Diligence Process

Through quality industry processes we ensure top quality projects make it into the accelerator

  • screening
  • first due diligence
  • pre selection
  • scam check
  • introductory
  • terms and conditions
  • documents request
  • personal impressions
  • marketing material
  • team experience
  • legal structure
  • previous funding
  • in team discussion
  • idea evaluation
  • market research
  • competitor analysis
  • token structure
  • funding needs
  • legal insights
  • 3rd party providers
  • token structure deep dive / feasibility check
  • review by a trusted partner
  • domiciling
  • company structure
  • 3rd party providers check
  • funding needs
  • scaling plans
  • expenditures check
  • growth projections
  • smart coding check
  • blockchain applications
  • technological deep dive
  • management review
  • final collaboration plan
  • working atmosphere
  • action plan proposal
  • contract draft
  • contract signing
  • collaboration agreement
  • Seed funding for expenses
  • expenditure guidelines
  • marketing
  • mentoring
  • legal guidance
  • business development
  • in depth workshops
  • expert network access
  • exclusive pre-sale to ICNQ Club Members
  • public sale preparation and execution
  • monitoring
  • reporting
  • continuous support to token holders and startups

Accelerator Timeline

The 12 week program and the continued Iconiq Lab support

Community Benefits

No startup should ever go it alone! The best learning and development comes from working together in a community. The Iconiq Lab accelerator program allows ICO startups to grow together, not alone!

Startups Pipeline

*Includes Accelerator Candidates and Iconiq Lab consulting projects. // Accelerator candidates still have to go through full Due Diligence process. // Consulting designation stands for external projects that Iconiq Lab is working with outside of the Accelerator program.







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