What We Do For Startups

Not just another accelerator


Acceleration Process

The process from joining the accelerator to the ICO

Community Benefits

No startup should ever go it alone! The best learning and development comes from working together in a community. The Iconiq Lab accelerator program allows ICO startups to grow together, not alone!

Operating Models

How Iconiq Lab operates:

Iconiq Lab Portfolio

successful projects

in incubation

Energy, P2P Markets

By combining deep learning AI with blockchain, our goal is to improve access to affordable, low carbon energy by enabling peers to trade energy between one another via the Verv energy trading platform.


Big Data, Blockchain Protocol

A decentralized protocol that enables individuals to fully control their personal data and its value while giving businesses the opportunity to build new business models in an intermediary-free ecosystem.



Solidified has the largest (200+) community of Solidity experts  and incorporates all stages of technical due diligence into a single platform so you can bulletproof your smart contract.


AI & Blockchain

A blockchain protocol for data storage made available to data scientists with programmed AI to interpret and monetize personal data from users and governments. Partners include HPE, SAP and more to develop further products using their platform.


Video Game AdTech

A blockchain-based, real-time, in-game video game advertising platform for real-world advertisers. The platform decentralizes the video game ads, creating a new way to present, measure and monetize advertisements in video games.


Emerging Market Financing

A protocol to facilitate blockchain-secured investment in emerging markets through their unique dual-token model. Establishing relationships in many developing nations to promote infrastructure for governments and private companies.


Art Tech

A decentralized, digital art museum on the blockchain positioned at the center of philanthropy and art investments, Wunder’s protocol enables the use of smart contracts to validate ownership and transferability of art in a liquid, digital environment.


Based Global
Entertainment Tech

An entertainment startup with a blockchain-based engine to decentralize live events and ticketing through a unified sales framework, protecting fans and artists from scalpers & counterfeits through their unique platform.


Trade Finance Market
Trade Finance

Trade Finance is the business of financing the supply chain for commodities, raw materials and finished goods. Global demand for trade finance is rising, but SMEs are failing to get the funding they need.


Deep Due Diligence Process

Through quality industry processes we ensure top quality projects make it into the accelerator

  • screening
  • first due diligence
  • pre selection
  • scam check
  • introductory
  • terms and conditions
  • documents request
  • personal impressions
  • marketing material
  • team experience
  • legal structure
  • previous funding
  • in team discussion
  • idea evaluation
  • market research
  • competitor analysis
  • token structure
  • funding needs
  • legal insights
  • 3rd party providers
  • token structure deep dive / feasibility check
  • review by a trusted partner
  • domiciling
  • company structure
  • 3rd party providers check
  • funding needs
  • scaling plans
  • expenditures check
  • growth projections
  • smart coding check
  • blockchain applications
  • technological deep dive
  • management review
  • final collaboration plan
  • working atmosphere
  • action plan proposal
  • contract draft
  • contract signing
  • collaboration agreement
  • Seed funding for expenses
  • expenditure guidelines
  • marketing
  • mentoring
  • legal guidance
  • business development
  • in depth workshops
  • expert network access
  • exclusive pre-sale to ICNQ Club Members
  • public sale preparation and execution
  • monitoring
  • reporting
  • continuous support to token holders and startups

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