For Startups

No, there is no cost.

Ideally we would like you to have a business plan, an MVP and some traction to start with.

Yes. If you are accepted into Iconiq Lab you will be required to sign on a contract in accordance with our basic terms of service.

The answer is no…

Iconiq Lab monetizes itself by receiving a small portion of the tokens from each project it helps launch in compensation for the seed investment and program. The majority of proceeds will be used to replenish and grow the seed funding wallet to fund future program applicants, with the remainder remaining with operating company to continue to scale internationally and to launch strategic and parallel business lines in the near future.

Iconiq Lab provides a base funding amount of €25,000, and will help cover additional reasonable expenses which is evaluated on a case-by- case basis usually around EUR 100,000 with soft limit of EUR 300,000. Additional funding provided by Iconiq Lab will result in a higher percentage of token remuneration after a successful ICO launch.

No. You can apply as long as you have a great idea and a business that can be tokenized.

Yes. Only the Iconiq Lab core team and potential mentors have access to your information. We do not intend to share the information with a third party.

No. You might be asked to come to Berlin for certain parts of the program but you can operate from where you are and our expert mentors shall travel to work with you. We have a startup first culture!

The average accelerator batch lasts 12 weeks until a Pre-sale is launched. Iconiq Lab will continue to service the company through its public ICO, and provide ongoing support Post-ICO.

You will remain a part of the Iconiq Lab community and will receive continued support from the team.

Absolutely! We encourage all community members with valuable crypto experience to mentor program startups.

No. We source worldwide and the companies can be registered worldwide.

For ICNQ Club Members

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