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ICO Tracker – Total Sold of Tokens for Sale

In Progress – 34% – 5.7m ICNQ / 17m ICNQ

Iconiq Lab is a Decentralized VC Club and Initial Coin Offer Accelerator.

We empower a community of ICO participants to leverage our due diligence and development procedures to chose which real-world, sustainable business solutions graduating our accelerator program they wish to participate in the ICO of through the ICNQ token.  Iconiq Lab is a portfolio company and strategic partner of FinLab AG, a German publicly traded Fintech investor and company builder.

Meet Our Strategic Partners

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Our Services


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  • Seed funding and ICO expense coverage

  • Business development and ICO marketing

  • Connections to broad  ICO community participants

  • Legal help & structuring through partners

  • Exclusive access to top industry experts


  • Quality ICO participation opportunities

  • Exclusive presale and discount rights to accelerator graduates

  • Project sourcing and structuring possibilities 

  • Exclusive access to research and due diligence reports


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  • Events & meetups

  • Exclusive online content and research

  • Open source projects 

  • Online community for crypto market discussion topics

  • Access to top professionals


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  • ICO & Token Sales  Consulting

  • Crypto research

  • Tokenization models

  • ICO participants relations

  • Legal structuring through partners

  • Access to top blockchain professionals

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Value Proposition

The value Iconiq Lab delivers

Source and fund top startups, projects & teams

We identify and perform full comprehensive due diligence on a large pipeline of program applicants, selecting only the most promising projects to seed fund and admit to the accelerator.

Accelerate teams to a token launch

Together with our partners we provide our participants with expert services for tokenization, ICO legal frameworks, best practices in marketing and white-paper construction, as well as general business development.

Provide quality ICO participation opportunities

We provide our community with the tools to participate in quality ICOs which went through our thorough due diligence processes and are supported by our accelerator.

What We Do For Startups

Not just another accelerator


Startups in the Pipeline

*Includes Accelerator Candidates and Iconiq Lab consulting projects. // Accelerator candidates still have to go through full Due Diligence process. // Consulting designation stands for external projects that Iconiq Lab is working with outside of the Accelerator program.


Finlab AG Partnership & Strategic Investment

In November 2017, FinLab AG, a publicly traded FinTech company builder,  made a strategic investment into Iconiq Lab. FinLab offers many strategic advantages for Iconiq Lab and its accelerator companies.

From The Iconiq Desk

Iconiq Lab Joins The GBX Sponsor Firm Network

The GBX Grid The GBX Grid is the institutional grade token Launch platform within a secure exchange environment. The Grid allows vetted token issuers to conduct sales with unprecedented access to a continually growing pool of AML/KYC vetted participants. Additionally, the GBX Grid does the ‘heavy lifting’ for issuers, dealing with the collection and distribution of the sale, thereby mitigating the potential risks. Iconiq Lab The Iconiq Lab team [...]

savedroid and Moral Responsibility in Crypto

A Call to Form the German ICO Consortium I’m not mad, I’m just… disappointed. We met the savedroid team in mid-December. They had reached out to Iconiq Lab, asking us to advise them in their ICO. After a long workshop, we rejected working with Yassin and his team due to clear grey areas in German securities law they were skating, and the clear rush they were in to do their [...]

Iconiq Lab and Klover Announce A Strategic Partnership

Iconiq Lab, Frankfurt based global initial coin offering(ICO) and token sale accelerator program, announced a strategic partnership with Klover. Mr. Charles Youn, the CEO of Klover would join Iconiq Lab as an advisor and will counsel Iconiq Lab and portfolio companies on strategic aspects of  business development and expansion. Mr. Charles Youn is an expert across various industries with extensive expertise in technology and business development. Charles has served as [...]

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