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Iconiq Lab is the world’s first decentralized venture capital group, powered by our token sale accelerator program.

Companies issuing their own tokens and blockchain solutions are provided with the tools and guidance needed to successfully raise capital to fulfill their vision. To date, we have had over 500 applications of which our investment committee has selected 9 to join the program. Over €1 million has been committed to the companies in the program. Iconiq Lab is a portfolio company and strategic partner of FinLab AG, a German publicly traded Fintech investor and company builder.

Successful Projects

Our Services


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  • Seed funding and ICO expense coverage

  • Business development and ICO marketing

  • Connections to broad network of  ICO participants

  • Legal help & structuring through partners

  • Exclusive access to top industry experts


  • Quality ICO participation opportunities

  • Exclusive presale and discount rights to accelerator graduates

  • Project sourcing and structuring possibilities 

  • Exclusive access to research and due diligence reports


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  • ICO & Token Sales  Consulting

  • Crypto research

  • Tokenization models

  • ICO participants relations

  • Legal structuring through partners

  • Access to top blockchain professionals

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Value Proposition

The value Iconiq Lab delivers

Source and fund top startups, projects & teams

We identify and perform full comprehensive due diligence on a large pipeline of program applicants, selecting only the most promising projects to seed fund and admit to the accelerator.

Accelerate teams to a token launch

Together with our partners we provide our participants with expert services for tokenization, ICO legal frameworks, best practices in marketing and white-paper construction, as well as general business development.

Provide quality ICO participation opportunities

We provide our community with the tools to participate in quality ICOs which went through our thorough due diligence processes and are supported by our accelerator.

Startups in the Pipeline

*Includes Accelerator Candidates and Iconiq Lab consulting projects. // Accelerator candidates still have to go through full Due Diligence process. // Consulting designation stands for external projects that Iconiq Lab is working with outside of the Accelerator program.


What We Do For Startups

Not just another accelerator


Finlab AG Partnership & Strategic Investment

In November 2017, FinLab AG, a publicly traded FinTech company builder,  made a strategic investment into Iconiq Lab. FinLab offers many strategic advantages for Iconiq Lab and its accelerator companies.

From The Iconiq Desk

First ICNQ Exclusive Presale – Vreo Starting on the 9th of July!

Iconiq’s first accelerator graduate, Vreo, is beginning its exclusive ICNQ presale on Monday, July 9 and will remain open until Monday July 23! Holding 470 ICNQ allows you to contribute 1 ETH to the Vreo ICO with an EXCLUSIVE 30% BONUS, THE HIGHEST OF ALL ICO PARTICIPANTS! Vreo provides solutions for the biggest entertainment market and the biggest ad industry combined through embedded in-game advertising. For the first time, [...]

Iconiq Lab Announces The Latest Addition To Its Startups Cohort – VERV

Frankfurt-based decentralized venture capital group Iconiq Lab announces its latest addition to its ICO accelerator program- Verv, the machine-learning startup behind the VLUX token. This new addition comes in as a move to acknowledge and further the universal need for renewable energy through Verv’s peer to peer energy trading platform, as well as drive the industry towards a new-form data marketplace where consumers are in full control and able [...]


UPCOMING ICONIQ PORTFOLIO ICOs Iconiq Lab has committed €1,000,000 of the funds raised in the ICNQ token sale to the first Iconiq projects that are currently a part of the accelerator program. ICNQ token holders have exclusive access to the presales with the highest discounts and bonuses or all participants in these token sales! The companies are: VREO : VREO is embedded in-game advertising secured through blockchain technology. They are [...]

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